C Iyengar was born in the seaside city of Chennai, in the south-east coast of India. If you're still calling it Madras, check your privilege. She grew up on short stories - both British and Indian and it is one of her favourite art forms. 

"Every moment is a story," she says. "There are events leading up to it and there will be consequences to this moment. And therefore there is a story, untold or even unseen, in every moment."

Chitra Iyengar is a writer of many things, closet clown, consummate liar and a toe-dipper in the world of comedy. Based in London, she writes sketches, jokes and scripts for TV, scribbling jokes for every US Late Night Talk Show that have never heard of her and constantly looking for comedy in the dystopia of today’s politics. After all even dictators like to laugh!

She was part of the really funny thenewsdump team, making fun of political shenanigans that plunge us into deep despair. More recently she has been part of the White Label Comedy writers' room.

Find out more about her published work and the prizes she has won here.

Funnily enough, she also writes uplifting children's books under another name Chitra Soundar.