Stars - A flashing thought


There must be more than a trillion stars in the vast sky. Each shining on their own, regardless of planets orbiting them and moons orbiting those planets, they just go on shining. 

We mystify these stars, imagine their unspoken powers, invoke their name and take comfort at night singing lullabies. But they just don’t know we exist and how we struggle in our orbits. They just go on shining. 

We look up and make wishes on them, and try to forget our everyday orbital strife. The stars don’t care. They just go on shining. 

They shine on war zones and wetlands, they shine on a city and a hamlet, they shine even if the polluted atmosphere doesn’t reveal their shimmering light. 

They shine on the dictator’s balcony and over the crying child in a tower-block. They shine over forests, quickly disappearing and they shine over a new seed growing unseen in the garden.

They shine far away and yet they shine so near us. They shine with many colours and yet we see just the sparkle. They shine all day and all night and we see them in the dark on a clear night. They shine regardless whether we’re happy or buried in plight.

Stars need to shine. They just go on shining regardless of who is orbiting them.