As Weeks Go By

All of us are stuck inside globally. A weekday and a weekend are no longer different. What the heck! A Monday is the same as Thursday, which is the new Friday? Now everyday is a Saturday, with sleep-ins and fried foods.

How do I keep track of the weeks going by:

Week 1 - I wore formal clothes to work from  my own study - to have a structure. The formal clothes also helped pretend that I was no longer marooned in my own flat.

Week 2 - I took off my formal shoes and slipped into sandals

Week 3 - I changed into formal tops and yoga pants, still keeping the sandals.

Week 4 - Full gym kit - t-shirt, yoga pants and sports bra. The sandals stayed on.

Week 5 - The bra will go!

Week 6 - All day bathroom slippers!

Week 7 - I'm not getting out of those bedclothes. I will sneeze on you if you suggest otherwise.

Week 8 - I'm actually comfortable now, with unplucked eyebrows, a dark moustache, no bra, no shoes.

Week 9 - I'm no longer a creature that crawls outside. I live inside now. Deliver things to me. Don't touch my doorbell or the handles of my door.

Week 10 - I'm an inside person with a lot of cleaning to do...