My first Comedy Play

I first went up on stage to say my lines maybe when I was 7 or 8. My Mum wrote plays (I say wrote very loosely) because she was more of an improviser.  So she devised plays and told us what our characters did scene by scene and we remembered our lines through each practice and rehearsals.

We didn't have a TV until I was 15 or so, so we occasionally went to watch comedy plays. We didn't have much money - so this was a luxury. But our big joint family can agree on only one thing - we all loved comedy plays.

Recently I've found myself moving back to that old love - writing sketch comedy, plays that are full of jokes and puns and playing with serious subjects with total irreverence.

I recently submitted my first comedy short play - it only lasts 15 minutes to a competition run by The Upsetters who are taking over a theatre, near where I live. It was fun to write, it drew on a trigger from my own life and stretched it to a farcical elastic.

Find out more on their website and their programme.

I didn't get commissioned. But out of the 167 entries that were sent, I was placed in the top 12.

I was so happy with this comment from a reader:
This comedy is singularly packed full with jokes, to the point where it's almost destabilising - you wonder whether it's going to crack and if the characters' mirth will leak away into something darker! But the characters' single-minded, set-in-their-ways qualities make for a script which stands out for its disarming warmth and levity, unafraid to be ridiculous. 

That sound good right! It felt fantastic to find out because this is after all my first play, if you discount the sketch stuff I've written. (That's another story altogether).

In any case, I'm celebrating, because every step leads the way.