Top 10 useless self-help books

When I was in India, I noticed that self-help books were a big deal. People often read books about how to make more money, lose weight, learn a new habit. There were so many and many weren't as helpful as they advertised to be.

So I wondered what would be the top 10 useless self-help books anyone could write:

Here is my starter for 10.

  1. How to balance hor devours and champagne at parties?
  2. How to spend your father's money?
  3. How to get into debt?
  4. How to speak like Donald Trump?
  5. How to build a hotel in North Korea?
  6. How to watch porn after moving back home?
  7. How to speak the truth for politicians?
  8. How to ignore climate crisis?
  9. How to spread fake news on whatsapp and Facebook?
  10. How to troll someone on Twitter?

Can you think of any more? Include in comments! Let's get writing these books.