Top 10 Things Not to tell a Uber Passenger - Note to Drivers

I've travelled in many cities in a UBER service and this is a funny look at what I do NOT want a UBER driver to tell me. Not in any particular order because each passenger might have a different sense of what's more scary!

  1. I've not missed my medication this week.
  2. I fart a bit.
  3. I have boundary issues.
  4. I'm NOT a serial killer, followed by a laugh.
  5. I'm one of your 5-a-day.
  6. I know where you live.
  7. My ex-wife was once my passenger. She is dead now.
  8. My imaginary friend is riding shotgun with me. His name is Dmitri.
  9. I'm sleep deprived.
  10. My last wish was to drive an UBER. 
Can you think of any others? Share in comments section.