New Year Resolutions 2020

Everyone is curious - what resolutions did you make? Are you one of those who never make resolutions? Can you keep them if you make them?

So I decided to make a list of resolutions I'd like to make.

1.  Not to throw good money after bad to buy new bras. It’s a lost cause.
2.  Not to murder a mansplainer.
3.  Respond in sign language to people who talk loudly to you because English is not your first language.
4.  Pretend to be a vegan when you’re caught without milk for tea.
5.  Forgive white people teaching yoga.
6.  Ignore people who think equality is a slope to climb.
7.  Stop pretending that curry is actually a thing.
8.  Ignore celebrities who give ridiculous names to their kids.
9.  Stop re-labelling museum artefacts as STOLEN PROPERTY – RETURN TO ORIGIN.
10.               Always answer “Where are you from?” with “Where is everyone really from and where do we go from here? We are all made of dark matter.”


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