Short Story September

Do you know about The Asian Writer - it's a great publication that raises the profile of Asian Writers and supports them in many ways.

In September, they run a campaign called Short Story September. Full of tips and inspiring tweets, it welcomes the season of falling leaves with short stories.

This year, last week the Asian Writer asked everyone to submit 6-word stories. Remember the famous 6-word story by Hemingway (or not)? No? Read this!

Whoever wrote it, knows how to squeeze your heart. Here is the story.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

As a writer challenged to do the same, how do you beat that? I wanted to approach it in many ways.

I wanted to write humourous ones and political ones. I wanted to write emotional ones and unexpected ones.

Here are some of the tweets I posted for this inspiring week of prompts and fun little exercises.

A love story

A love story ending in tragedy

A thriller? A mystery?

Murder Mystery sandwiches a love story on this day...
 Love, comedy and politics spill into my first submission.

As you can see I had super fun. I couldn't stop myself from thinking in 6 word stories.

Click here to read stories by other writers too! 

And this afternoon, Farhana Sheikh, the editor of The Asian Writer and Dahlia Publishing wrote to me to say I won their fun prize for this tweet. 

Woohoo! It's always nice when someone notices that you're having fun!

Go to their website and check out their wonderful books. Read something unique today!