Experimentation is the name of my game

I've always been a Jane of All Trades than the Mistress of One. I like dipping in and out of different hobbies, books and my writing habits are similar.

I like trying to write different things - from poetry to flash fiction to screenplays - I'm always experimenting with form.

One of the current obsessions have been converting one of my short stories into a play. By setting myself a specific goal like that, I've been able to explore the craft of writing a play and figuring out how to structure a scene and an act.

I've always been better at dialogue than description. Often I've been told by editors that my manuscript of a short story or a novel reads like a script (not in a good way obviously for that kind of writing). That got me thinking - why not just skip the novel writing part and go straight into writing scripts - if that's what suits my style.

The second thing that got me into converting my short stories is - what will I put in a play? Having always written narrative fiction - I was stumped by writing dialogue without setting the scene. I scribbled ideas, did some outlines. But one afternoon, with a fresh cup of coffee, it hit me - I can use the world of my existing short stories.

So that's what I've been attempting to do. As usual on the way, I get distracted by little poetry competitions, one-act play submissions etc. My hope is to keep writing different scripts to hone the craft before I peep out of the window and shout, "Here! Read my Script."