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Visa Problems & Solutions

According to recent news reports, H1B visas might be  suspended.  As Indian applicants top the list of applications according to 2020-21 figures, we asked Indian visa applicants if they were worried.

Indian applicants were not too worried because they said they had found a loophole in the rules. As long as each applicant brought in 3-month's supply of Hydroxy Chloroquine, their entry will be assured, according to those in the know.
As India is one of the largest producers of this drug, the Indian government will supply each H1B applicant with the required dosage to clear immigration. 
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The Reason Why Trump won't wear Masks

WH sources confirmed that the President was not required to wear a mask because there were only skeleton staff working in the West Wing. And they definitely will not pass on any infections.


However when reporters asked, "What about Stephen Miller?", the spokesperson said, "Don't worry about him. He's dead on the inside."

via GIPHY So see, nothing to worry! There is no chance of the virus affecting the President. #DefinitelyNotTheRealNews #Satire

Woohoo! I won the Nathan Carr Milivoy Webber Memorial Prize

As isolation deepens, we are locked in from the world, a mail pops into my mailbox. It congratulates me and I wonder if it is spam.

A Nigerian prince congratulating me for becoming his princess if I paid him 1000 pounds? Or was it the congratulations of those some blogger inviting me to read a little bit on their website and rest for some subscription?

I couldn't believe it when the amazing Kay Adshead wrote to me and said I've won their inaugural Nathan Carr Milivoy Webber Memorial Prize titled HERO NAIDU.

I first pinched myself that I was not delirious due to weeks of staying indoors. And then I read and re-read the email. Then I went back to read my story. I always do that. I want to believe that my story made the judges choose it. So I go back and read it again to see what I had written two months ago.

Was it only the 1st March that I submitted? The first of March is a surreal time. We were still thinking of Wuhan as an isolated epicentre as if we wouldn't hear the tre…

As Weeks Go By

All of us are stuck inside globally. A weekday and a weekend are no longer different. What the heck! A Monday is the same as Thursday, which is the new Friday? Now everyday is a Saturday, with sleep-ins and fried foods.

How do I keep track of the weeks going by:

Week 1 - I wore formal clothes to work from  my own study - to have a structure. The formal clothes also helped pretend that I was no longer marooned in my own flat.

Week 2 - I took off my formal shoes and slipped into sandals

Week 3 - I changed into formal tops and yoga pants, still keeping the sandals.

Week 4 - Full gym kit - t-shirt, yoga pants and sports bra. The sandals stayed on.

Week 5 - The bra will go!

Week 6 - All day bathroom slippers!

Week 7 - I'm not getting out of those bedclothes. I will sneeze on you if you suggest otherwise.

Week 8 - I'm actually comfortable now, with unplucked eyebrows, a dark moustache, no bra, no shoes.

Week 9 - I'm no longer a creature that crawls outside. I live inside now. De…

The Threat of Threading

We often moan about how modern life is not social, it is too discrete and lonely. But then something like the Covid-19 hits then we realise how close we are to each other – in tubes, in buses, in GP surgeries, in queues and in beauty salons.             It was not until I walked a mile to my usual bi-weekly habit of getting my eyebrows threaded – that means removing stray hairs that grows like weed that gets removed with a cotton thread. That does not mean I thread the hair on my eyebrows. Who did you think I was the Beast? Anyway, it was not until I walked to the salon and sat down in the chair that tilts backwards and as the beautician’s face came so close to me that I realised – Oh no! What if a stray droplet of saliva falls from her face directly to mine? How many faces did she touch? Did she go to China lately for a holiday?
            Being British, I obviously didn’t ask her any of those questions. I sat there, ignoring the pain as the threat of COVID-19 flashed through my mind.…

My first Comedy Play

I first went up on stage to say my lines maybe when I was 7 or 8. My Mum wrote plays (I say wrote very loosely) because she was more of an improviser.  So she devised plays and told us what our characters did scene by scene and we remembered our lines through each practice and rehearsals.

We didn't have a TV until I was 15 or so, so we occasionally went to watch comedy plays. We didn't have much money - so this was a luxury. But our big joint family can agree on only one thing - we all loved comedy plays.

Recently I've found myself moving back to that old love - writing sketch comedy, plays that are full of jokes and puns and playing with serious subjects with total irreverence.

I recently submitted my first comedy short play - it only lasts 15 minutes to a competition run by The Upsetters who are taking over a theatre, near where I live. It was fun to write, it drew on a trigger from my own life and stretched it to a farcical elastic.

Find out more on their website and t…

Top 10 useless self-help books

When I was in India, I noticed that self-help books were a big deal. People often read books about how to make more money, lose weight, learn a new habit. There were so many and many weren't as helpful as they advertised to be.

So I wondered what would be the top 10 useless self-help books anyone could write:

Here is my starter for 10.

How to balance hor devours and champagne at parties?How to spend your father's money?How to get into debt?How to speak like Donald Trump?How to build a hotel in North Korea?How to watch porn after moving back home?How to speak the truth for politicians?How to ignore climate crisis?How to spread fake news on whatsapp and Facebook?How to troll someone on Twitter?

Can you think of any more? Include in comments! Let's get writing these books.